A red cedar boardwalk slicing through an expansive, planned Little Bluestem Meadow dotted with field collected Red Cedar, provides the foreground, entry, and wildlife playground into this animated, unconventional yet understated garden. Concrete, Stone, Wood, and untamed Grasses poetically and collectively dance through the site and around the newly constructed modernist, barn-like structure that makes up the home. Special attention was given to accommodating runoff water from the site and hence most of the materials used on the ground surface allow for permeability into the subsurface sandy soil. The site is unusually narrow and long, allowing for an exaggerated play on scale and composition of the composed lines connecting a series of garden rooms. This playful and experiential series of environmentally sensitive gardens cohesively and untraditionally tie the Architecture seamlessly to the site and include the Meadow, Sassafras Grove, Outdoor Shower Courtyard, Pool Garden, West Walk, and the North Shade/ Boulder Garden. Each room is unique and provides the user with varied and ephemeral experiences. Along with the aforementioned Little Bluestem and Red Cedar, Grey Dogwood, Inkberry, Winterberry, Bearberry, Sassafras, Appalachian Sedge, and Indian Grass collectively comprise the native plant palette for the garden.


Amagansett Residence is a 2018 East End Design Award recipient

Amagansett Residence
Amagansett, New York
East End Magazine