With over 1400 feet of lake frontage, Lake Camp is a four season, city reprieve on a pristine New England lake. Working collaboratively throughout the planning and design phases with the Boston Architectural firm Ann Beha Associates, SBLA carefully integrated a main residence, two guest houses, a bunkhouse, and a restored 19th century Maine barn onto an 80 acre site forested predominately with Hemlock, Oak, and Beech Trees. A series of garden rooms and interweaving stone and pine needle paths seamlessly connect the structures together and weave them into the soul of the site. Special care was taken to not disrupt the vegetated shoreline and to reduce the presence of the buildings from the water. All efforts were made to lower the impact to the very sensitive and diverse existing landscape both during and after construction. SBLA developed and oversaw a site protection plan during construction which designated construction staging zones, construction traffic routes, tree and site protection fencing, and construction vehicle parking. The site design incorporated the existing trees and limited the importing of new construction materials. SBLA’s plant design strictly adhered to the state’s native plant list.

Lake Camp
Holderness, New Hampshire