Stone Pool
Stowe, Vermont

Located on a Vermont mountain top, Stone Pool’s gracious arc set within an existing land depression awards the client with sweeping views toward the adjacent mountains and a pool that is integrated and inspired by the land. To enforce the concept of an understated expression of the land, pavement quantity around the pool was kept to a minimum allowing the existing landscape to flow visually and physically into the pool area. Large stone slabs were selected by SBLA from a local mountain and then strategically stacked within the south side of the arcing landform creating platforms for sunbathing and socializing. A set of irregular stone steps weave through the platforms leading one up to a niche with stone benches and an integrated fire pit. A stone terrace with planting pockets for trees and ferns connects the pool to an existing barn that was converted into a pool house. A dive stone, stone waterfall, and stone sculpture continue the expression and provide elements of exploration and interaction for the client’s two young children.


Stone Pool is a Vermont Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2009 Excellence Award recipient.