Situated directly between the “old” campus and the “new” campus and in the location of a future classroom building, the outdoor classroom is the result of an expanding New Hampshire private school simply needing a handicap accessible route connecting the two campuses. Using the rolling meadows of New Hampshire as inspiration, SBLA worked directly in the field to sculpt the landform that connects the two campuses. An asphalt path begins at the new recreational building and gently ascends the 16-foot elevation change along the open southern edge of the landform. As the path reaches its climax, faculty and students are awarded with the option to continue onto the “old” campus or to follow a mown path through and existing hedgerow to the northern side of the landform. As the path descends and directs one visually back towards the recreation Center, a series of interactive snow-sledding slopes are presented to the user and lead them into the spacious and private outdoor classroom.


Outdoor Classroom
Lyme, New Hampshire