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Born in Niagara Falls, New York and raised in the Rocky Mountain Region, Shepard’s early imprint of the natural landscape varied enormously. Shep began designing gardens at age 12 after moving to and needing to find his place within suburban New Jersey. His early attempts at landscape design and construction helped fuel his desire to grow his talent, learn more about the plant world, and to one day start his own office. Shep attended Brown University where he majored in Environmental Science with an emphasis on Botany. After graduating from Brown, he traveled the east coast and stopped in Vermont to visit with friends. The beauty, community, and fabric of Vermont consumed Shep and impacted his life forever. In 1979, Shep moved to Norwich, Vermont and started a landscape construction business that would quickly rise to success. In 1983, Shep attended the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Harvard opened a slew of new experiences and landscape perspectives that would quickly expand Shep’s confidence and talent and allow him to mature his business.


Shep has worked and continues to accept design commissions throughout the United States. His gardens have been described as soulful, simple, and spatial. His ability to create quiet, outdoor rooms that fit within the land rather than on the land continue to set his work apart.


When not in the office or on site, Shep enjoys swimming, cross country skiing, walking, reading, time with his two daughters, and tending to his land.


Shep is a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Vermont and Founder of SBLA.

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