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Brian Bare Senior Associate Shepard Butler Landscape Architecture Vermont Landscape Architects

Since joining SBLA in 2006, Brian Bare has become an integral force in all of the office's projects and the daily management of the firm’s studio.  His designs and explorations are influenced by light, line, scale, and the effects of events within nature and within the fabric of each specific project site. Brian’s poetic use of  “hyperized” forms activate his designs and afford the user with an experience.


Prior to joining SBLA, Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from The Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Taking the advice of his friend, professor, and mentor, the late Jot Carpenter, upon graduation Brian moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work for and learn from Michael Van Valkenburgh. Brian’s passion and interpretations of the land were heavily influenced and molded during his time in Cambridge.


After seven years in Cambridge, Brian moved to raise a family and to immerse himself in the Vermont landscape where his passion for design continues to grow and expand. Brian enjoys standing in wide open fields, exploring the outdoors, gardening, furniture design, Little Bluestem, Mid-Century Architecture, and being a kid with his family.


Brian is a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Vermont and a Senior Associate for SBLA.

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